Sunday, January 20, 2019

Personal Reading Logs

The purpose of this book blog is somewhat two-fold.

1. I want to feature my Instagram posts and include reviews of some great books I've read throughout the year.

2. I want to track my progress as I read my way through potential nominees for the California Young Reader Medal as well as my personal reads.

Just this year I accepted a position on the California Young Reader Medal (CYRM) committee. This committee of around 12-15 people is made up of representatives from the major literacy-based associations in California. I have been involved in the California School Library Association for several years and have presented at the annual conference both last year and will again in the next couple of weeks at this year's conference. I have met many great librarians, and I am looking for more ways to get involved. I thought this would be a great way to sort of kill two birds with one stone - I can keep reading and reviewing and working on my reading goal AND stay involved and meet new people and have a real impact on the reading world of student readers in California. 

I knew this would mean a lot of reading, and more specifically, a lot of library book circulation as I don't want to buy 100+ books just to read them once, rate them, and move on. I asked for a new Kindle for Christmas, and my boyfriend got me a cute white one to get started right away. As soon as we got back from Christmas with family in Wisconsin (real snow in that picture there!), he and I walked to the public library, got our library cards, and I've already checked out and read two books. It's making this process so much easier.

I'm using a few different reading logs including both the Beat the Back List reading log developed by Novel Knight, and then I modified her template to create a personal log for books I read for work, CYRM, and others. This post is simply to explain the purpose of these logs. The links are in the menu above!


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